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removed, and the cavity disinfected and drained. The proximity of the

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such interruption and repetition of the treatment being often necessary,

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expense would be spared in attaining the object they had in view.

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cal associations held in St. John during this year, namely, those of the

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are inclined to think that the temperate and equable climate of some parts of

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scarlet fever. The changes observed in the kidneys during the first

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Cases Land II. Ectopia Le7itis. — Two brothers, aged eight and nine

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the facial nerve. The waters of Marienbad, bromide of potash, etc.,

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Mammary abscess, from ulceration of the nipple, case

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detained in hospital for alcoholic excess, he found amblyopia in 6 per cent,

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high. It is the capital of Korea, and the home of the king.

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duced by certain sounds. In such cases, also, inflation of the middle ear

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This form is illustrated by cases in which there is a general septic intoxica-

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Sir Thomas More's description of the hospital in Utopia, which was to be so

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' Read before the Toronto Medical Society, March ist, 1894.

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sels into its substance, and about the end of the first week the vascular-

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pain and danger, and furthermore to promise a certain amount of benefit. It

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would remodel it — not to destroy, but to perfect, and to establish it on a

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or exudate discovered. Temperature, 100.2°. Child seemed drowsy.

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former muscle occasions impairment in the rotary movement of the head

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a little about the left nipple. Physical examination showed considerable effu-

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ment very erroneous impressions as to the apartments and treatment of

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incised the bladder near to the end of the ureter, and united the lips of

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the neural canal, or secondary inflammatory processes without pus occurring

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tried a compress and the usual bandage, and on my third visit resorted to

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needs while in the non-pregnant state, the symptom of amenorrhcea is really

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On tlie following day a post-mortem examination was made in the

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times heralded by a feeling of, or actual twitching on one side of the

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A year ago, in examining a congenital nasvus, he found blood-vessels pass-

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regard to increase of weight. Clearly, premature children would not be

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November Gth. Very noisy, getting out of bed. Still pain in shoulder, but

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nate of calcium to eliminate an excess of lime that has been absorbed.

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Elixir of Yirha Santa has eight grains of the drug in each fluid

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theory that the cause is self-intoxication. The maternal excretion is over-

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larities are beneficial while other remedies fail. In those cases where

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the foot was shoved inward, and the fibula, chiefly, and the tibia to a less

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be opened by the side of the theca, thoroughly scraped out with a sharp

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