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quarters pounds, both mule. The haemorrhage was considerable, but was easily-
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course in honor bound to give satisfactory answ^ers. When the answers were
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although we could not be sure of the cysticercus dying at 80°-100° C,
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has been studied by von Frey ^ by a method similar to that employed
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(3) personal freedom ; (4) pathological investigations.
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were almost wholly destroyed, and were replaced by a gelatinous material.
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the gall-bladder and larger bile-ducts, to wit, the bile-expelling appa-
ria in Reynolds's System of Medicine, considers that it is demonstrated
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two of the laro-est in New Eno-land. The metal first comes in contact
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sible for repair. The rapidity with which large psoas and spinal ab-
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Stomach and intestines largely distended with gas. Mucous membrane of
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an anesthetic will become one of the rarest of accidents.
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and, where bleeding is from denuded bone, is by the same authority considered
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datino- back, as the patient thinks, to a season of prolonged mental distress,
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ure of the metric system, since the latter affords volumetric measures,
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a solution of Prussian blue. This was subjected to moderate pressure
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ment insinuated further on, well into the canal, care being taken to avoid the
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comparatively slight, and are out of proportion to the general disturbance.
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— 7Vie Philadtlphia Medical Times for September 29, 1877, states that at
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but the church declared that it was quite certain that Galen had not made
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Dr. R. H. Dawbarn {Pacific Record) recommends a simple means of
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or three weeks subsequent to her confinement. Then there developed certain
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The most important morbid conditions of the spinal meninges are the
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toes. Such cases appear to have always a fatal termination.
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last week's issue, by a mistake of mine, the name of Dr. W. M. Mercer, of Pittstield, was
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two men who drank much milk daily were not affected by lead. On

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