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(18-7r).) Of the rest of the seventy-five men whom I examined all
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pathological appearance, I will state that it appeared to me to bear a
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minuter trace could be detected with nitric than with picric acid. Diluted
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time the pulse had become regular, the dropsy had disappeared ; that is, as
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Indeed, these services degrade the attendant in the opinion of those
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As a contrast to these cases, we may take one of general ''''optic
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The presence of these forests leads me to refer to the influence which
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(it was not of stone nor in a cellar) fitted up for patients of this class.
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April 20th. I found Mrs. McG. at the wash-tub, where she had been
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Here follows a blank which is not generally represented in visceral diseases.
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portion of the articular cartilage. An excavation of considerable size was
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Doe, Dr. 0. W., medical cases of, Boston City Hospi-
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over pyroligneous acid in earthen pots of about four quarts capacitv.
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Others say that lead remains in the body for years. The fact that a dose
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TiiK regular quarterly meeting of the society was held in Roxbury on July
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times found, as the sole lesion, a low degree of inflammation of the mucous
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each of prurigo senillis and adenoma sebaceum. Of the cases of psoriasis,
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any student may avail himself of them if he will. Surely there is enough to
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small amount of executive ability. It has no connection with the navy, but
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as they proceeded, and followed by a sense of relief.
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about four months ago, and was then the size of a walnut. The patient was
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always falling over foot-stools and other things which she could not see,
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that of an open artery or vein than anything we can suppose possible from
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Perhaps, however, the greatest advantage of the metric system ac-
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are involved in their whole extent, the evidences of inflammation are, as a
of which were more or less wasted, and both scapuliE as well as some of the
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to use the leg. He should be warned that, however close the union may
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tion of the stomach, the left extremity of the liver may even lie between
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a gap of the hedge of homcjco})athy, but becomes restive as it approaches Bos-
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offensive odor and became natural in appearance, the urine became abun-
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that ascites was precluded. All these things put together is confusing."
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the absence of induration and fixation of the surrounding tissues, such
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it has some advantage and gives excellent opportunity for drainage,
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laceration of the, 78 ; laceration of the, as a cause
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encing the slightest interference with digestion or appetite.
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that when her clothes were removed that evening, in preparing to go to
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In addition to the treatment already described, steam was now added.
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evidence of permanent damage to the spinal cord remains in the shape of
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full of a brownish material ; the inner wall was covered with a delicate warty
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proach upon the cause. While it is not to be supposed that you intend to dis-
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Burney point " — never absent in my own personal experience, and never

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