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his youth a great smoker, until at the age of eighteen, owing to illness or
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The cases reported hy Dr. Snow Beck prove to any but prejudiced
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effects from them. He could not agree with Dr. Henoch's views on
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If in these cases an analysis of the gastric contents had been made
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This difficulty was obviated by Wedemyer ^ by detaching the urethra
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and not a few a weak preparation of alcohol. It is evident that whatever
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it up, when I reinserted the probe and found that it passed in the normal
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forever, so far as true surgery is concerned, the abominable farrago of the
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ing the breeding of dogs in cities which deserve the careful consideration of our
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of that excreted before the drug was taken, and the symptoms of fatigue
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Sylvius, but does not furnish sufficient ground for precise localisation ;
there be any signs of abatement of the disease, such as diminution of pain
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day. By the tenth day a phlegmon developed at the seat of the punc-
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recovery ; although after her first labor she was much exhausted, and had
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che other ; and the symptoms of a lesion in this situation are highly
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uted copies of a tabular statement of variations in temperature, moisture, etc.,
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manity and of the evils which afflict mankind should pick up one of those
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the entry of material particles in the air. Although these precautions sue-
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