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City Hospital, and he kindly consented to my reporting it.

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provoked abscesses was pent up for awhile. On setting it free the fever

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In the treatment of fractures it affords an invaluable and faultless

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•have not, however, adopted such a rule in private practice.

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last pregtiancy. lleing large; and flabby it fell out of the body after the labor,

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dissolving the bicarbonate of potash in a sufficient quantity of water ; strain,

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ent upon any debilitating cause, and. those whose labors are exception-

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it by the application of mercurial ointment to the unabraded skin of a

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one thirtieth and one forty-eighth of a grain of sulphate of atropia. In

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grains to the quart of water, was introduced into the bowel. At first a pint,

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at wliicli diplomas are obtainable have stimulated extraordinary numbers to

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however, have not been admitted since the fracas of 1869.

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of tumours of the spinal meninges, and the effects to which they give

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Course. — These affections are usually slow, and, as aforesaid, it is

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him again for ten days. Then I found suppuration established and healthy,

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muscles to prevent the pain of movement. The spasms are probably

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signify? Is it merely the partial substitution of one word for another,

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than by confinement to the house. This mode of treatment would apply to

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two hours before. Twenty-fifth day, tried constantly to get his clothes

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As regards the unsuccessful attempts made by Dr. Baker to obtain fluid

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November 2Gth. Mrs. W. was confined. Labor tedious. Surround-

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struction of the parasite, the eczema only gradually died out. The disease is of

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D. A., aged forty-two, born in Ireland, is the father of a fine large

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