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soil which make the under-ground reservoirs of moisture, is carefully described,

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intense form, causing great additional suffering to the patient.

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power of raising the heel, but partly to his having a boot with two inches

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to prevent attendance at school, and any association \\i\ other girls) ;

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blue fluid, and from each of these spaces there went off into the frpound

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discover no fracture or indication of depression. As the symptoms

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1 On the Structure and Development of the Skull of the Pig (Sus Scrofa). Philosoph-

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Case III. Herpes Cornece Serpiginosa Recurrens, in its Third Attack. —

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in the pleurae and peritoneum, generally consecutive to disease of the tubes

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pulse was imperceptible at the wrist, but upon stopping the ether, turning him

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the state of knowledge at that time was at a low ebb. It is possible,

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produced no irritation, though the patients returned to their usual

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wards of Dr. Gueneau de Mussy, says the correspondent of The British Med-

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place. . . . About a year ago she married — a little less — and soon

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seeu the spirits of dead relatives. I lis fri(!nds said that he became much in-

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April, the incision through the skin having partially healed, so as to

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wound, in which the bone was depressed, just the size and shape of the

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which have followed upon the indiscriminate use of irrigation after opera-

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plained of slight pain in the arms and legs. The toes were forcibly flexed,

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cation were observed ; the patient did not recover from the high tem-

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ing from carcinoma and in nervous congestion, or where the liver is very full

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AiLtopsy. The abdominal cavity, which was opened first, showed no dislo-

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succeeds in producing a more or less lasting improvement. From these facts we

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