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opportunity to give assistance to sufferers. It is true that not a few of
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vertebral column, spasms of the muscles of the trunk and limbs, and
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opening by means of a probe. The o[)ening having been explored with
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ance after, 54; case of recurring malarial symptoms
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Dr. Joseph Griffiths, F.R.C.S., at the end of an interesting paper on
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Paris, May 19, 1846. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, July 1, 1846.
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Arrived at 9 a.m., the air on the piazza was cold and bracing. The next
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relatively increased, owing perhaps to the diminution in the size of the
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of the City of New York, and Dr. Wm. Goodell, Honorary Professor of Gyne-
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appHed at my Dispensary for the relief of painful coition, dating from the
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crippled for life, even when not killed by the same means. Kaull)ach, dying
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too recent to make it possible to say what may eventually become of
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slightly below, the os uteri. The sound could only be introduced about
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carbolic acid, that in the stronger solution (i in 20) was found to be the
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Conjunctiva, primary lupus of the, 445; tuberculosis
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with cough and pain in the left side, which had come on after exposure. There
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