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town in 1838-39; cholera in 1835 and in 1850 54; that small-

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ri\T what is called a ''shotty feel" under the skin. With the appear-

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submitted Mr. Salamon 's preparation to both chemical and

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and a few days after the miscarriage. On questioning tlie

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CITY OF BIRMINGHAM.-Resident Medical Superintendent for the City

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the other for those under suspicion of being so, that is to say,

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without interest in their work, and practically irresponsible. Skill is

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a case of Ectopic Gestation, in which he successfully re-

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ascei'tained, but suspicion points either to a collector of rags, in two

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monest condition is that of invasion from without, and, if the patient

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vein of the ear. The doses were always small during a period of


the knee-jerks are retained and a spastic condition of the legs ultimately

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arthritis, leontiasis ossea, gigantism, or of ordinary tubercu-

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provision of medical men as substitutes for those who go

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The Science College : view from the east corner showing the south-east end of the departments of Engineering acd Fine Art, the Royal Jubilee

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places where, and only where, the great and exclusively hmnan mental

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nature of which has only lately been demonstrated. Instead of the

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a series of glycerine experiments on a larger scale, not only

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Gastric acidity is apt to produce frontal and temporal headaches,

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a Bill to amend the Vaccination Act of 18ii7, prepared and brought into

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issued to him at the exchange of L'5. for the rupee; whether he had

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branes are suflEidently developed to generate this special virus. This

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begins in an extremity, and travels upward, a band of tincture of

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went by the name of puerperal fever. The infection here occurs by

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specific action. With a dose administered by the stomach

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and pepsin and rennin are absent. This condition is particularly

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ines were of frequent occurrence in every country of Europe during

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is used to a "moderate" extent by a large number of the well-to-do

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in first aid : to establish a marine hospital service, the medi-

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degenerate than normal muscles. We must expect, therefore, that

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vertebral disk. The cauda equina, or the nerve-roots, may be com-

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great amelioration in pigeons rendered ataxic by a slight

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previous to the appearance of the swelling. The patient

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