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hundred feet deep, sunk in 1875 in prospecting for coal. Its water is said to

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urea, and improved the appetite. The maximum quantity of glycerine required

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after a considerahle time version was at length accomplished, and a female

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the skin from the platysma, working downwards till at the point men-

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and in a shape most useful to the physician. A glance at its contents will give

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experiment on a dog, the hyperaimia being induced artificially, the

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Obituary. — George Lewis Collins was born at Ilopkinton, R. I., December 31, 1S20,

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fully recognized at tlu; j)resent day, the association of public hygiene and

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answers admirably in inflammation of the prepatellar bursa (housemaid's

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(2) Adults alone : Streptococcus in 53 per cent. ; streptococcus and

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is permanent secretary. The next meeting of the association will be held on

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should be sacrificed, a^ we frequently find, to the

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On asking him to turn over on his left side he demurred very much,

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The alterations found in the examination of the other organs above

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the point at which the branch to the ciliary ganglion is given off', from

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there existed any rigidity about the os at the time the forceps were ap-

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rise to a thickening of it resembling that of pachymeningitis. In a


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either vaguely or incorrectly described. Many eminent authorities

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indication for which an operation is made, and that, too, with much less

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Obscure disease, two cases of, with autopsies, 649.

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ing material for consumption. On the contrary, it seems to me, from

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which have a third curve. The handles are curved like a letter S :

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The author insists that it does not act mechanically, because albuminuria

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At the time of writing we know not the particulars as to his last illness, except-

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* Tumor of Spinal Meninges. International Clinics, January, 1892.

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every hour, excepting hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when the spray-

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Brown, Francis H., assistant surgeon, relieved from duty at the port of New York and

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course of its trunk in the neck and chest, it is much more liable to impli-

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Open the bowels ; possibly calomel is as suitable as anything. If there

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