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The fuel was burned in a proper fire-place, and the heated gases after
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of a ward-tender, who may be engaged in other work or absent at a distant
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Did all human relief &il9 and' i^nhi waa the help
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— Vaccination is said by The Lancet to be greatly appreciated by the Chi-
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tin, who had charge of the patient during a i)art of the summer, published a
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frequently, it kills some days after its administration, and there is no
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be found amongst those which maintain a high standard of education.
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1766 it set an example to the rest worthy of imitation. The province had
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organs were found swollen, their parenchyma pale, but the larger ves-
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There was no collection of hydrocele fluid, but the vas deferens was very
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the science and art of medicine. Appearing quarterly, it is not a rival of
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accused succeeded in securing bail, the bonds in each case being fixed at
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sions, but near the close it contains some very good suggestions concerning the
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second, a like amount will answer. Should the second glass contain clear
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The colleges are at work as usual, with small classes of good material ; both
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fit themselves to fill prominent positions in the profession. Whether
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— 73. WuLLENWEBER. Miinch. med. Jl'och. 1898, p. 1017. — 74. Weygandt. Arch. /.
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if undergoing suppurative destruction. After the second week, how-
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depletory treatment followed by repair of the laceration.
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word was " the production of acute pain on the slightest movement,
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due to want of food. But such emaciation has been known, as we have said
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to the other for shade he at once feels chilly, so great is the difference of
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able rarity, cases of chorea alone excepted. The rheumatic heart inflam-
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ville, Tenn., on the 3d instant. He was born in Augusta, Ga., June 27, 1806 •
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this condition of the meninges, if dependent on a former meningitis,
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sible for the vascular and sclerotic changes in the meninges and in the
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Case 2. A. A., aged twenty-one years, architect's assistant. Seen

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