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rect opinion in the premises than are possessed by visitors who make a

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age, entered the hospital August 14th. Four months ago patient noticed a

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had passed, and which, of course, accounted for all the symptoms. Yet she

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On examination stridulous respiration was audible at a distance, and

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I am right in saying that Dr. Bowditch has practised this plan extensively,

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aMiming aad 120 in the CTening, when the temperature was 104^S°.

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some questions on the subject, in regard to its action and tlie safety of it, Dr.

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thickening and contraction, the bladder has never been restored to a

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the cells, though their shriveled remains were at times observed. The

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less glaring in Boston. A few years ago one of our leading physicians esti-

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ever occasion recpiired, on account of the relief it has given him."

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622 Recent Progress in Genito- Urinary Surgery. [November 29,

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Waterman, Thomas Dwight, Charles E. Inches, Walter Ela ; ophthalmic surgeon, William

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(4.) Associate members shall be those persons who may from time to time be

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sometimes by merely tying the feet together and firmly fixing the upper

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The hospital trustees shrug their shoulders, console themselves with the vast

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series of independent kingdoms arose out of the ruins of his conquests, the

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with bronchial respiration and subcrepitant rales above the third rib. The

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Hos})ital, in the service of Dr. Cabot, in which an ai)paratus, so far as I

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ficulty. Blood was taken freely by leeches, beside punctures, and scar-

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the mixed system, partly volumetric and partly gravimetric, now in

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conditions possesses any symptomatic value as far as regards general

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says : '' Even when the period of incubation has been going on for several


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of the paralysis is not in the brain itself, and, if no other symptoms point to

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away with the function of the rectum. (2) Extending the lease of life.

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thick fluid, which looked like blood mixed with the contents of the intestines.

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in order to show that even where the (conditions appear very had and hope-

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ive experiments which prove that it does possess these qualities. And

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and manifests itSelf by imperfect power of closing the eye, coupled with a

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