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and invigorating, and does not cause any exhaustion when at its hottest, as it

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treatment, the general condition improved, the excitability diminished, and

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sian Physicians called attention to the value of palpitation of the ileum

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of the sciatic, on the lin^-er of (he operator. It is forcihly jjuINmI, llrst

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gress of 1890 was a gigantic, rather unwieldy, but highly successful affair.

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they all ! Christianity it is thipie alone to chase

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University. We saw everything that possibly could be seen in the time, and

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circumstances, such as the obvious retention of septic material in the

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the comfort, and, perhaps, the life, of the patient. It should, therefore, be

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behind and below the uterus cun be nothing else than one of the ovaries which

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prevent the ingestion of more lead. Then we should at once send

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Toronto early in June. Members who intend to prepare papers for the meet-

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organisms and the soluble ferment which is produced by the yeast-plant,

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tion has for its object to demonstrate, among other points, the possible

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should meet with the encouragement which is their due. The influence upon

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a(]j()ininf]j yard. Lastly, tlic walls and ceiling of the cliamber occupied

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tozoa, and also, from their constant presence in the blood of pernicious

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286 Summer Mesorts and Sanitaria of the Went. [September 6,

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cal Gynecology, Michigan College of Medicine, Detroit. Price, $2.00 ;

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urinary passages, most marked at the orifice of the urethra, which was

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to contain three fourths albumen. Upon questioning the patient's wife as to

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expression of indignation against such an objectionable procedure. The report

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experiments on do^s, cats, rabbits, aiul ducks. The rliytlnnical stimu-

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half several times daily in an emulsion. No other effect was ever ob-

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flexing and extending the fore-arm, could work out clear synovial fluid

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is the method adopted by my father at the McLean, and was con-

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when perell■^si()n was made over it it ^avo everywhere a loud, druiu-lik«; reso-

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modify the mind. Now from tho fact that the hrain, like every other j):irt of

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