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opportunities were afforded for renewing old friendships.
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the Midwives Bill ; and a communication from the Thera-
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absent. Other affections, however, are characterized by loss of the knee-
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been moved from its original position. The original grant of
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of azoturia in which the urine showed a great excess of urea without the
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in which the spleen is enlarged and inflamed, so that it frequently forms
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jaimdice, and may be the cause of a bleeding difficult to control in
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.and the chairman of committee, the medical officers, and the matron
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between different pelvic viscera. In the London "Lancet" of October
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general to inflammatory effusions? Is the great accumulation of
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steps to keep from falling, so that he frequently catches hold of an
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act. It must ask the neurons of the spinal cord to do that, for without
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and tremors. Again, tne severity of the toxemia in Graves' disease
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The results of these numerous clinical experiments are not con-
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But it is plain enough that directly an epidemic arises there
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intrinsic muscles of the hand. There may be anesthesia or hyperes-
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were drunk, and even the movements of the vocal chords become ir-
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Mb. Mayo Robson described a case of severe ulceration of
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ning of the end in a terrible death. This happens when a new growth
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Tracheal Tugging. — Dr. Gogabty exhibited two cases of
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measure which is likely greatly to improve the efficiency of
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powers of a board of health may be, that the same woman
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quency in males than in females; according to Dr. Greenhow's in-
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the necessity of protection from flies, which at some seasons
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number Harvey among its scholars, and had borne the name
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Uu'h'toiv. \^ vrry common at the places where the pains
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when the course of the disease is presaged by severe rigor pain in the
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bronchitis lasts, the more certain it is that the air-vesicIes will become
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abundantly with starchy materials without more than traces of glyco-
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^ \ s"^**^*vVvl Csmibridge University Press, 1906),
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the notice not later than Wednesday morning, in order to eiisurt inseriion in
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the fluid comes in contact with the fauces it is expelled with violence,
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Longmore, London : Government Printing Office, 1893. 6s.
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only out of eleven essential subjects have been studied, all
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impatience of the " trade," but would not have had tlie autho-
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only a very faint dark colour was obtained (absence of alde-
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merous, but none of them has as yet been generally accepted among
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short. In older patients the prognosis is worse and in one case of
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dangerous to life. This happens in all membranous exudations which
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portant reports. The first was on the extent to which the
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succumb to black vomit and its attendant symptoms. These milder
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Suppuration in the Liver. Dr. H. W. G. Macleod made some
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cases, be the history also of some acute specific disease, of
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