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The Prognostic Value of the Intolerance to Creasote in
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It never has been satisfactorily explained why it is that homoeopaths, aside
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Subsequent course. The temperature remained normal throughout.
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and less grave forms of laryngitis, inflammatory and spasmodic. Now
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submit to it. In May last a patient came under his care who had un-
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iraF' fc^r your dust | tyour Yital unipn with Christy
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not necessary that the pus corpuscles should actually get into the blood
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"Besides the fact that the primary depressant effect of the general
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interesting subject. Our readers will remember that a paper by the same
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The usual course, in faA'ourabie cases, after the maximum primary
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by him, a severe cystitis of two years' duration was rapidly and com-
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that retention of urine occvu's first, and is followed by incontinence.
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they had no idea they were doing anything strange. There is plenty to iu'
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ati'ophic changes have been set up \a consequence of subacute degenera-
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a little veiling or uncertainty of the outlines of the disc. These changes,

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