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incr at times was harsh and noisy, hut atoniizino; lime-water thn)un;]i the

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" taking cold." But in by far the greater number of cases accidents are to be

procomil how to use

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sented in the destroyed units of the corpus striatum, but because they are

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In certain cases of paralysis the interrupted current fails to produce con-

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child's head. Their consistency may be firm and elastic, or soft and

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unfulfilled. A simple test is afibrdcd by using as an object a spot of

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36 Middlesex East Dutrict Medical Society. [July 12,

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normal, not spastic ; station good ; no Romberg symptom ; no atrophy

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Three Cases of Umbilical Hemorrhage Occurring in the Same

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sheath, the neck being compressed by the tightness of the rent in the

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Average weight of eight largest girls, 7.4 pounds; average pulse-

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hope that the ball by its weight might escape, but it did not. The ball

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ish pus. An ounce or more of pus in pelvic cavity. Interior of pelvis red

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progress rapidly ; as a rule it runs a more or less subacute course.

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cub. cent. Tliis filtrate should be shaken in a flask with fifty or sixty

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appears after the defervescence of the pneumonia. In a case which I

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litic, but the woman has never had any other evidence of symptoms of syphilis.

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pery, care should be exercised to wash, first, the parts about the vulva and

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hue, known anions workmen as the lead skin. Feet and le^s consider-

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wlietluT the ferment were not a ehemieal substance prciixistinij in the milk

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once to the hospital, presenting a fracture of the humerus immediately above

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when the disease ceases to be communicable by the patient or his sur-

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not used. In his experience this drug produces no beneficial result

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he noticed swelling of the face and feet, and was attacked with diarrhoea and

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1839. After graduating at the academy there, he studied medicine in Boston and Philadel-

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definite myelitic softening of the cord. If, then, the patient's condition

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wards slight protrusion of the globe was noticed. The exact dates

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