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mustache, but he had had no epistaxis, no serous nor bloody discharge
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and the stopping places sufficiently numerous to break up the monotony
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A curious tradition exists among them that they cannot drink alcoholic
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struation, ovulation, pregnancy, labor, etc. He says that posture has a
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induration began, but convalescence was not steady until suppuration was
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dispensaries, or in walking the other hospitals. The feature which, of all
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the six sisters had some form of ectopia lentis. Here, then, are three gen-
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low the median line, five inches above the left ear, and four and three
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Dk. Swan gave the following history of the case : The i)atient, a gentle-
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uals and Families. 13. Report on a Practicable Mi tlioil lorsecuiing Complete and Autheniic
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and encouraged the miners to persevere in their attempt at rescue, had a very
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mater left exposed ; carbolized spray used occasionally. Passed a quiet
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at a time when it was still long lacking in most other universities, and thus
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found by experimenting that patients, after eating the fat of Mediterra-

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