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Mexico City that he was sent away the day after arrival, as fast as a train

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and these revised translations very much later have been the foundation

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not used. In his experience this drug produces no beneficial result

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Up to November 26th the uncovered surface of the bone looked perfectly

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were pronounced by all the members present to be normal.

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Tuesday, February 27th. Dr. Amory showed photographs of certain

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Then follows a second blank, which is not primarily represented in visceral

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suppurative abscess in a scrofulous diathesis, the third was a case of

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the injury is likely to pass unobserved at this time, unless, as Dr. Emmet

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Thick, infiltrated, and everted lips associated with cervical catarrh call for

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The two last cases are chiefly of interest in the way of diagnosis. In

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— Under the name of " oenokrine," says The Medical Record, a new test-

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It is probably conceded by most physicians at the present time that

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least. But probably only a few of the great variety of these organisms will

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Lecturer in Clinical Medicine in the University of Toronto ; Physician to

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to reveal any signs of organic disease. The urine is normal.

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met with in the course of the disease are equally characteristic, as are the

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which entered Bellevue Hospital was 1574 out of 5147 cases admitted. In

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impossible as well as undesirable that I should attempt on such an occa-

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Boston Society for Medical Improvement, proceedings

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effected by external manipulation in most cases, and if not by external

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uate of the Sheffield Seieutific School, is aunouuced as having occurred in

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make the os encircle the first row of phalangeal bones of the fingers and

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case where the skull was opened, no matter whether the tumor was removed

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and which has been fully tested in the light of sanitary science. The era of

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ical laboratory of the Vienna University with such perfect satisfaction that now

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Professor of Pathology, University of Toronto and Ontario Veterinarj* College ; Patholog^

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