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ina of the fatal case, but there was evidently no fatty degeneration.

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it has some advantage and gives excellent opportunity for drainage,

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able indeed. Diarrhoea and vomiting had stopped, and he was taking food

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tient, and a suitable instrument having been selected and found to an-

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The suoro-estion, made at once, that a calculus mio;ht be at the bottom

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its nature, and clinically distinguishable from that due to the laryngeal

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scopic tubes must be tried. For this purpose we use cotton wool on a

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The image is perfect in proportion to the fewness of the lenses.


136} ; the average wei«i;lit of the girls was 6.7 pounds ; the average

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all. He did not believe it to be bad practice to apply the subsulphate of iron

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regard to increase of weight. Clearly, premature children would not be

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