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interfered with, and easy control over the fragments was maintained.
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on the periphery of the cord — with consequent destruction of the marginal
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thus obtained is strongly fluorescent, and even when diluted with two
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uring the membranes until she had had a few hours' rest. She slept
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Again, the nurse is able to do thoroughly what a busy ward-tender, with
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When the haemorrhage is intra-meningeal it may be small in amount,
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I presume Dr. Caven could explain the reasons for the fact — which is,
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Twenty-one patients died. Of these, ten had general paresis, five
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been a slight fracture in the cribriform plate of the ethmoid, or a rupture of
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owing to its directly physiological effects. I mean
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by tens has no foundation whatever in the philosophy of numbers, and origi-
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valve a thrombus as large as a iilbert projected into the ventricular cavity.
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he sleeps in, and the excesses these conditions naturally and inevitably drive
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extending over the whole period of the disease, and did considei-aljle
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1896, XXX. p. 129. — 63. RvMi'K. Die syph. Erkrank. d. Nerveiisyst. Wiesbaden, 1887,
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prising fact that during twenty years not a single claim has been paid for
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fuchsine in one hundred million parts of wine (0.00001 gramme = about
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The Provincial Board of Health met in the Parliament Buildings on
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was pricked by a pin the day before and has since bled continually ; bleeding
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thirty-seven favorable cases, and in only eight of the fatal cases.
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irritability. In the later stages of the affection permanent contracture in
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sufficiently careful in making an early diagnosis ?
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University of Glasgow, died February 18th. He was born in 1833, graduated
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warden of his county for a time, and also represented it in the Ontario Legisla-
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the much worse cells at Worcester, it^ seems to me, could not be made by any
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usually take, "from four to six quarts in the twenty-four hours," appears tons
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fatal termination from exhaustion was reached in from two to six
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give Dr. Allen scope for the exercise of the skill which had so surprised
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clearly in begging from an individual as from an institution. Looked at in
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Artificial Food in Earliest Infancy.^ — The following can be consid-
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generation, and are glad to see that more attention is now paid to it. So if we
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tals were always observed, though thc^y uiiglit be few or many, and were
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Six two-inch strips of plaster usually suffice. They are cut of a suffi-
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a pyelo-nephritis already developed from the old cystitis. In such condi-

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