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permanently established. Although married she has never been pregnant.

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city, and with ample provision for the classiflcation of diseases, that people

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the bladder as gently and carefully as possible, and an injection made of

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It opens with a chapter on history and geographical distribution, by Dr. J.

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Kendall and Luclisinger,^ at about the same time, but entirely inde-

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cystitis, bedsores, etc., are not likely to present themselves as complications,

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gated somewhat, with a much changed os, as though the tumor occupied

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ca?e was lately reported in the Journal. A piece of skin from her fore-arm

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deep forwards to the mediastinum. The lung could be felt high up, just

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place throughout the greater extent of the spinal cord, though to a vari-

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ness, which had been frequent, are recorded as absent for a fortnight

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Free purgation is also desirable for ensuring elimination of poison ; Tar-

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chloride of iron, rest, and attention to the condition of the kidneys and

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manifest merits. The advantacre of uniformity with the usa<:es estab-

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medicine regularly. Nevertheless, with a short vacation, quinia, ex-

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Proftssor Rutherford has taken up the consideration of those substances

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the United States eaiiiled '<Att Aot for the en-

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in 15 the eruption increased during the use of the drug. Three cases of

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