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the physician's mortification when the true state of affairs becomes known.

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tion of the walls of the uterus. It will be remembered that enlargement,

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tion, but do not separate on inspiration. Usually organic, but appears

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stick across the knee it begins to break at a point opposite to the spot

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allowed to remain some time (twenty to fifty minutes) in chlorine water

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confirm his opinion that an operation was required. In two cases this

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built for private ftiraiHes, shanties, and shops, while the ever-increasing demand

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fever, or other conditions. Though the rigors often recur irregularly,

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My conclusions, drawn from the experiments made in 1871-72, were

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sumed, in the absence of impulses coming from the central nervous

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Gubler showing the power which opiates have in these cases. It is above all in

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methods as adopted for the other motor cranial nerves. Thus there

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we ho})e some one will favor us with evidence, if there be any.

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The author emphasizes the following conclusions of Ehrlich : The

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ing attacks of conscienceless patients and their Dodson-and-Fogg allies, who

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descrilxMl liy Dr. M'Connell in The Jjuicct for August 21, 1875, and named

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head of Modern Methods of Less Restraint. Suffice it to say that the author

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that not every epidemic of erysipelas is accompanied or immediately

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take origin, the small intestine is sometimes paralysed.


overcome, for the mere retaining of the vagina in position will gradually remove

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8urt'eoii-in-chiet", Dr. J. 11. Thom{)son, was of acknowledged skill in operative

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