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have grown stout in consequence, without the occurrence of pain, anaemia, or
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to in this letter, but it seemed worth while to note down what struck me as
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don't let me get up I '11 piss in the bed." Third day, as I entered the
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and gum arabic, of each ^ss. ; of camphorated tincture of opium, f^ij. ;
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the resulting evil would be slight if the hospital out-patient departments and
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was caught in a rope on board ship, and had to be amputated for rupture of
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on to contraction and produced atrophy of the liver. The other organs were
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when he came to my office, at lenoth called me to him. He was up and
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presented tales from the South Pacific, teaching that the differential diagnosis of hematuria
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the beauty of the new type ; by the quality of the paper and printing ; by the
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most successful photographs taken by Dr. E. E. King. It will be impos-
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Dr. Alfred Parker,'" of Hull, reports a successful case, in which he
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crystalline, with varving degrees of rouMiness and some marked de-
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A. C, twenty-two years old, entered the Boston Lying-in Hospital Ai)ril 28th,
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not be accessible. Dr. Folsom deserves well of the profession and the public
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About half the book is filled by Iluguenin's article on inflammation of the
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year, if its nutrition is in every way satisfactory. The weighing and
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the field thoroughly examined before proceeding further. This manoeuvre
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April, the incision through the skin having partially healed, so as to
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symptoms, if present, may be masked by those of the disease in the
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septic treatment, yet the remains of the silk, which are but imperfectly
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hands" and " anointing with oil," and all the other stage effects of Chris-
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remained natural after the first twelve hours No convulsions after the
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W. C. Wyman, U.S.M.H. Service ; and Dr. Joseph D. Bryant, Professor of
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fessor of Diseases of the Throat in Bellevue Hospital Medical College ; Dr.
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lips would quiver, and it seemed as if she were going to have a rigor, but
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fore death resembling coagulated blood. The urine was of a very dark color.
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and we would encourage the gynmasium, and still more out-door sports, but
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