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conveyed both poison and bacteria absorbed from the intestine. The

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"We cannot believe that the iniquity will be longer endured, and we trust

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Two fingers were hooked over the occiput, and it was dragged down

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The second reason was a stronger one. England is emphatically the

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uniform layer beneath this membrane, is l)Ounded by a sharp line, and

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Peritonitis or parametritis very often follows the lesions caused by

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tion of the mind. Durinc: the ten or twelve hours iunnediately follow-

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tried, but the kidneys ceased to secrete, the bowels would not answer to

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was removed. This tumor was smaller than the other, and for the most part

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and milk. Lavage three times a week was prescribed, and strychnine

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sufficiently evident. Cases are recorded, varying in duration from a

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Brodlimst, of London, says it is always in conscqucnco of preternatural

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Treatment. — Measures such as have been recommended in the treat-

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moscope showed an increase of the disease in the eye, but still without any

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he had done wrong in doing so, and could not be persuaded to the con-

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thirty grains lias been fonnd by otluTs sometimes to answer the same j»iirpo8e.

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The Strumous Element in the ^Etiology of Joint-Disease, from an Analysis of Eight

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until urine trickles along the pipe. The patient may either lie down or

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my thanks for your kindness in sending it to me. Its familiar aspect, and

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as improved in health, and without exception give this place the preference to

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1877.] Hospital of the Universitj/ of Pennsijlvania. 063

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Gay, 284; surgical cases of Dr. Warren, 371 ; medi-

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plegia and, usually, with preservation of the reflexes, characterises a lesion

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found the sitting posture very uncomfortable, as also the act of going

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show themselves we can say, depending on their number and thickness,

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substance in the former. It is plausible that during life this interfibrillar

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per cent. ; and of the remaining b.o per cent, there were breech, 6 ;

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ing it should have a temperature of about 100° ; this degree of warmth

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the nose. A gentle use of the probe revealed a fracture of the nasal bones,

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the uterine region. There was also present an excessive leucorrhaal

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