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haustion occur; if not followed by immediate contraction the prolonged
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treated by me in private or hospital practice up to September, 1876.
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airy, darkened, and kept as cpiiet as possible. The greatest possible care
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and constituents of intestinal ulcers which came from a typhoid-fever patient
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recurred at four p. m. on tbe 25th, but is aot again mentioned in the
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owing to its directly physiological effects. I mean
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ease when a typhoid ulcer perforates the intestine. Here an ulceration,
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have been conclusively proved, but a little lower down he refers to a
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of the Toronto Medical Society that has ever been held. The important event
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another factor is considered, namely, the natural drainage. In Cottage Street
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membrane or with any abraded surface will produce it. That it may
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and hence this mixture is always preferable to the hydrate in cases of
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omalies and Monstrosities ; Anatomy and Physiology.
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tion and preventing contractures, massage with passive movements and
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inclusive ; while the curious combination of a bilateral palsy of the motor
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them, but the reporter. Dr. Jardine, believes them to be comparatively harm-
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Case 3. Miss E., aet. twenty-four. Three years ago, while calling on a
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sion of blood between bone and dura mater. Very different are the
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tion is again the merit of an Italian investigator, the celebrated teacher
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showed that he had not followed the example of some of his predecessors who
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The present edition of this work was rendered necessary by the numerous
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culous varieties of acute meningitis, we are left with the following etio-
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(the dispensaries), with their thousands of patients, are run by one or two men
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erous and highly nuti'itious diet. Above all she needs rest, and I think in
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ful examination showed obstruction of the trachea below the tube, prob-

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