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which, however, seem to us superfluous. The book is printed in the pub-

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cases simply because they have never been practically taught the meaning of

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and we cannot forbear repeating the warning with which Dr. Pavy two or

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Bellevue, even when a patient was injured within a few blocks of a hospital.

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disease to a million living, which, according to the registrar-general's reports,

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Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston. (Reprinted from the Report of the Fifth Interna-

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Suffolk District Medical Society. — The regular meeting will he held at the

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few in number and not above the grade of household servants," it is evident

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in a wound it would seem that that material must supersede all others for

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extreme difficulty. The cough was almost constant, and with it expecto-

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whicli seemed to contain fluid, also a sli«j;lit contusion of the scalj). A

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On the Frequent Occurrence of Eczema in Diabetic Patients. — Dr.


otherwise wish to go tliere. The malarious influences in certain localities and

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some cases (piite new to him. At length b}'^ drawing the milk in the open air

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for dinner ; exercise was a burden to him ; he could not endure taking

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Allen, but if he will take the trouble to read Dr. Bigelow's work I think he

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Irick ; at Danvers and the McL(Min, ])lastered with Portland cement in

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recinirc for their nourishment a supply of y'a/. It would l)e well to examine

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preparation for the probably not very distant result. I, however, suggested

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should be carefully introduced into the rectum. On the seventh or

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