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tissue chancres which confrestion and extravasation produce. The con-

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quarter of the globe. The following instance is mentioned in an interesting

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could not void his urine naturally. The catheter was difficult to pass, and

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after confinement, in a paper read before the Obstetrical Society of Edin-

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of eloquence, amid the sharp cuts and thrusts of hot debate. IJut he too was

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spot; and, if it ])e less convergent, the line will be to the left of the spot.

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ries of nine individuals, ana3mic from different causes, w^ere examined.

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crease in the number of those relieved by otlier departments of the va-


condition which may be due also to voluntary contraction of the back

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the December number of the Virginia Medical MontJily of 1874, where,

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inserting dressing forceps, — such as are specially adapted to general gynaicolog-

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of the applicant, and where a cheerful doctor sits with somewhat of the

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to report what he has been able, by his own observation, to gather of its

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curials, followed by salines to deplete the portal system, and thus relieve

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