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lighted in mercy f ior mercy to>the hui^an raee«

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indignati(»n, aad that the way into the holiest of

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could be taken by the mouth, as the tongue was so much swollen that it filled

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tion of fluctuation. Laryngoscopic examination showed the larynx to

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before and during bad weather. The persistent use of iodide of potassium in

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The Administration of Sodium Salicylate in Acute Rheumatism.

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headache of intracraniat tumor is not absolutely characteristic. It is, so

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of potassium, forty grains every four hours until sleep.

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wanders from the fixation point, and that an elaborate drawing wiU

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wise to rid themselves of the horde of barefaced impostors that infested

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than I can possibly present to you to-day. So I have made my point, though

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length, was blown away with the other tissue, and the upper end was

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^ Virchow's Archiv, Ixvi. and Ixviii., and Centralblatt fiir die med. "Wiss., 1877, page 104.

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1)oth eyes, or of the nasal half of one or both, or of the upper or

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plied the trephine. The inner plate was badly splintered, and a single

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and sweet, like that of woman, but of a manly richness of tone. His words

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heat, cold, or pinching was lost. No pulsation was felt in the arteries

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On March 24, 1877, she reported that on the night of the 22d she

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make no difference whether the bronchi contained air or fluid.

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Roosevelt becomes real. Abouf this time citrus fruits enjoyed tremendous popularity at Salem

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^ See case of Hutchinson, American Journal of Medical Sciences, January, 1852, p. 146,

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sician, an attempt was made to cure the existing sterility and dysmenorrh(ea

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280.— 95. Bruns and Wind.scheid. Twentieth Cent. Pract. N.Y, 1897, xi. p. 563.

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gradually became worse, and towards five o'clock in the afternoon she was

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menia appeared two months after the chorea ceased. She had no return of

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with the great care taken to remove every particle of tissue at all hard

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Dr. a. H. Ferguson, of Winnipeg, has been elected Professor of Surgery

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rashness, in his experiments, and, as a rule, tried the effect of agents upon him-

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linincr skin from the outer face ; the union of these PTowths forminor the

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