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around the insertion of the cord ; the cord fell off o"n the eighth day ; since

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over which the up[)er layers of epithelium were stretched unaltered.

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In 1851 Corti ^ and Reissnor*'^ published their famous researches upon

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and this should go on for several months. Frequent examination of the blood,

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regard to increase of weight. Clearly, premature children would not be

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vigor and progressiveness. Under the impersonal, and therefore merciless,

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Had no nausea, but slight salivation. Appetite poor. The jaborandi w^as con-

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member, is not likely to be a candidate. Drs. Griffin and Shaw, of Hamilton,

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Six p. M. Has remained quiet through the day, and slept. Pulse

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hours should be spent in the prone position every day. Indeed, many

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mas, and ever since had suffered from strange sensations in the head,

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all forms of life are sacred, were probably the first to establish infirmaries for

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India, says The Lancet, towards exterminating wild animals and venomous

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one luuulred and seven he has lost ten patients only.

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In the cases of contused fractures cited, there has been one condition

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our first glimpse of the people amongst whom we were to work. We did

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Hypertrophy of the Prostate. — No very valuable addition has been

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— An interesting incident in the proceedings of the recent annual meeting

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sion of a thought that had its origin in a philosophical study of Nature

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to be useful only as the appendix to the csecum is, to furnish troublesome

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appears to saturate the tissues. In such circumstances I have been in the

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with that of a recent graduate of one of our more progressive schools sorely

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in Organic Chemistry and Toxicology, Woman's Medical College ;

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among such perhaps the most effective is change of air ; there is, indeed,

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and they are responsible to him alone. There are generally at least two

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to it three or four drops of dilute acetic acid, and submerge in tJje mixt-

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