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this is nothinor more nor less than a very basic oxvchloride of iron.

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had continued to fiow during the interval. She was very anaemic from loss

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urea, while improving the appetite and promoting nutrition. The experiments

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Therapeutics, Progress of 44, 116, 2ti, 275, 359, 439, 510, 590, 678, 830

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F., and the pulse rapid and feeble. Whilst the prognosis was very bad, it

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In the infective fevers small hjemorrhages are not uncommonly met

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plate of bone, the size and shape of which has already been described.

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spect of the New Sydenham Society for 1865-1866, the opinion was very

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and guides him back as docile as a lamb. Professor Wilder divides his sub-

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marked at the base of the brain, and especially at its posterior part.

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M. D. (Reprinted from the Archives of Clinical Surgery.)

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The president called attention to the resemblance of this disease in its early

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to disease of the nerve-roots as they pass through the subdural space and

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1 Die Kraukheiten der Prostata, Stuttgart, 1875, page 76.

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possible that the more or less concentric contraction observed in certain

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short intervals, during the whole period. So far, the patient's state-

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passed through the roller. Ordinary sponges in holders are better adapted

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over, the English method of dealing with li(piids is somewhat diflPerent

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has long since been demonstrated, so that we may now consider the early stages

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The paper read on this subject at the recent meeting of the Public Health

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that the portia-vaginalis must be effaced, and we should be prepared to

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the stomach, since chromate of lead is readily decomposed both by the stronger

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and was cautioned not to do so, or to lift or strain himself in any way, as

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A Lost Art in Surgery. By A. B. Crosby, A. M., M. D. (Reprinted from the Archives

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But we are not wrong ; we are right. The good that is in the action has

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but they cannot fairly be expected. In a majority of cases such acci-

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excess of fluid probably existed in the sac during life, it is not unlikely

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Physicians who are largely concerned in the treatment of declared gout

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