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following modification of the pill triplex, or Guy's Hospital pill, was given :
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the ratio of eighteen to one. But my paper may claim a consideration
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sanitary well-being of the city have been under the direct management of
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four thousand inhabitants built over and around the springs, and crowds of
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subsided, though at one time the wound seemed to have been infected by
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treatment, but through ignorance and credulity they are more likely to fall a
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adopt a routine treatment of ice baths for every patient, those of the
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Dr. Baker remarked that he had referred to two cases of version in his
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striated muscle ; and, again, an extended series of abstracts from papers deal-
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been thought that if the number of physicians to out-patients were in-
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a first branchial cleft continuous from one side to the other ; a thin
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as having especial interest for the state society, either from their pre-
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he had a slight attack of vomiting, following the taking of a quantity of
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tliouo;h raw are insensible to pain from the local anii3sthetic action of
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the patient, etc. The many different organs are each treated of in chapters by
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756 The Boston Society for Medical Observation. [December 27,
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broken bone. The end of the cloth being passed around the pulley
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intra- or extra-dural." Now, it must be admitted that it is generally impos-
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treated and cured by a method original in its plan, which consists of a shot-
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the hospital staff, actual and honorary. In size and style it resembles the last
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(4) Punctiform hemorrhage in gastric mucosa may be caused by
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no intrinsic* or of no i*onsider^ble value ; let her
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credit the oflfort to brini^ about a reform, it is unfortunate tliat you adopted a
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between the phenomena thus ])roduced and those observed after the
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less, and had a pulse of 80, of fair condition, with warm extremities, and there
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next day he came out with the measles and went under the care of a

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