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mine, " no oedema nor puffiness of lower eyelids, or of any part of tlie

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the Hunyadi Jdnos, but no sodium sulphate. Friedrichschaller contains

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pain and inflammation at the point of puncture was noted. — American

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atrophied. Hence we should expect that the effects of artificially intro-

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put mto a bath with the result that at the end of a fortnight the meat smells

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the temporal gyri to the pons Varolii ; the other, an afferent system,

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slightly, affected. During life the enlargement, which was considerable,

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of chloroform from one-third to two-thirds rapidly after forty, and in case

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spinal cord also show improvement under anti-syphilitic treatment some-

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Dr. Playfair supposes to fill the sinuses, in which event complete dis-

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connection that Dr. Alexander Patterson publishes a case of double

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the particulars of a case of anuria, lasting twenty-five days, the patient then

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upon a rheumatic tendency. Faither than this I am seldom inclined

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He found also that stimulation by single induction shocks, applied at

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Dr. Bowditch said that so long a period of effusion was unique in his prac-

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bad already nmde three hundred and twelve contributions to the literature

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56 at noon of the 2Gth. A sli(^lit haekliig liad been noticed for some

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Transactions of the Minnesota State Medical Society. 1877.

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plaster in his pocket case or office has become quite worthless ; frequent

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some drug (atropine, daturine, cocain, duboisin, scopolamine, hyoscyamin,

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more easy, it was found that its point could be more readily directed

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suffered for einjliteen months with dull pain in the re^rion of tlu; left

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eruption in the so-called dysidrosis, but when older they became semi-

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plenty of urine without in the least diminishing the tumor at the vulva

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issue, he places bichloride of mercury at the head of the list, but, at the same

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bly with those enjoyed by the schools of Paris or Germany. Indeed, with our

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passage of the probe, which entered four and one lialf inches into that portion

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mostly uric acid ones. The size of this s[)ecimen is interesting as showing how

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but I ought to be able to get a small sound through it. I am right ; there is

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alarmed. On inspection, I found that the tumor, instead of diminishing,

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minutes after death he found the tongue pressed upwards, and the end fast in

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has been on a visit to Buffalo, and has placed the manager of the Daggett Table

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city treasury for further investigations under the charge of our city engineer,

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which followed the separation of the growth from the surrounding

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one quotation from the latter paper which may amuse the students of

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the condyles, and a Colles fracture of the same arm. By making forcible ex-

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