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an instance of its canting style. Our readers may judge between us and
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advanced stage, with cavities, and large numbers of bacilli in sputum.
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could be none. The quadriceps, instead of contracting, lay quietly in
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only possible under the system which gives the equivalent of a year's work in
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had prophesied that the preliminary examination would affect the school seri-
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He lived at liome until he was twenty-one years old, spending his time
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that he will 3 et deliver. If he has:^ recourse to ^
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j^raetised this f&r mantf years ^ ana never have
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Missouri State Medical Association. By William Porter, M. D. St. Louis. (Reprint from
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writer has in his mind one physician, with an average country practice,
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weak girls the detection of feeble and staccato respiration at the apex may
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It is not common for the spinal form of tuberculous meningitis to
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ical education in the United States, and anything less than this will be a gain
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though the principal agents composing it are well known to the profes-
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two stones were found caught in the cystic duct (see plate). These were
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our knowledge of disease and its treatment. To hamper action by makin*'-
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longed by giving him plenty of air through an opening in the trachea. —
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and near the condyles, the upper end of the lower fragment is apt to be
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applied and held in place ; its theory is absolutely correct ; but in prac-
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with a ihuige or bcli-inouth. A longitudinal section of the tube, beginning at
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she lost flesh, and was fretful and easily disturbed. He suggested that for
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be minimized or rendered innocuous ; (3) the streets should not be allowed
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The urine is feebly acid, neutral, or feebly alkaline, thus increasing the
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There were no symptoms referable to the chest in the interval. He was or-
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