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ciitaract both in its appearance and in the manner of its development.
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paratively so rare, it forms so much the exception, that admitting the
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warmth, and power to the arm as far as the wrist; the hand remained
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The generosity and enterprise of the publishers were highly appreci-
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sible from all sections of the country who are specially interested in some de-
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1873, attracted great attention and excited much controverey. The salient
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already, and further mention is made of them under " Multiple cranial
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The expulsion of bile " may be occasioned (1) by stimulation of the
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spheno-maxillary fissure, at the outer and back part of the orbit. The globe
much easier ; that the answers of the patient, as to how much he sees,
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high as the fourth dorsal nerve, the supposition that the vascular dilata-
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treatment by balieylic acid was introduced, and therefore the only mention of
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ence of diameter between the two pupils, under equal stimulation and
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leave the question an open one. The indication for tonics and astrin-
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since. Dr. King tells me that the chief symptom has been pain on move
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counteracting the deviating tendency. The condition described may be
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fect structure incapable of withstanding the cardiac impulse ; besides
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tiiose of a veo;otal)le nature. In scrofulous and syphilitic diseases baths
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temperature of the atmosphere during the first three days of attendance
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the verses one finds, thinking to come upon them in any of the usual collec-
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11th he was up and dressed. On the 13tli he went out, and he was discharged
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rose-water) because, although weaker solutions might equally well
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follows : First, by careful microscopical examinations and calculations, upon the
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tage of causing no ill effects. Similar difficulties attend the estimation of
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semi-hysterical, and was treated accordingly. It continued for six
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1877.] I^^j^i^'y Reiiulti7ig from Electrical Treatment. 469
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