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effort to stop a bleeding in other parts of the body — for example, from

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ynx, etc. The Transactions of the Kentucky Medical Society, embracing so

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ever, when we were in utter confusion, a young man arose, whose face and whole

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bleeding and lay on the graft, you will note an entire cessation of hemor-

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ball took a drink from the flask, and, on the completion of his over, gave

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That the simple tube will answer for all fluids from the abdomino-pelvic

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of paper dressings to perforations of the membrana tympani.

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rate from them with readiness after repeated instillations of atropine.

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che other ; and the symptoms of a lesion in this situation are highly

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as the drum. Rathke, after giving various descriptions, settles in 1861

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future, furnish drastic remedies. The outlook from any point of view is

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found that the inner surface was that of a serous membrane, and that we

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well-marked twitching of the hands, feet, and facial muscles, which had nota-

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were benefited. Neither case of urticaria showed any amelioration. He

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intended arrangements could be completed. There often ran from the

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He was troubled with some obscure pains for three years, when after a second

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as a rule ; though sometimes a day or two may intervene. It must be

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— even though hemorrhage and ulcerative changes may have taken place

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lead, as in several instances within his own knowledge, to prevesical

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Associate Professor and Demonstrator of Anatomy, University of Toronto ; Surgeon Outdoor

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certain. We think that, in this country, the tendency during recent years

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co-Avorkers, and I have already attended professionally some of the rela-

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1 think, be any doubt Avith regard to the occasional dependence of iritis

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gave as its characteristic symptoms a slight lowering of central vision, a

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Great Britain, which showed that the mortality rates from puerperal

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volume, but not more than could be expected from one passing through

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The morbid changes are limited, as a rule, to the meninges of the

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^ Arlt. Augenkrankheiten. 1856. \Bd. ii., page 275.

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these slight appearances may usually be interpreted as possessing very

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where present, when the patient was first seen, very quickly disappeared.

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evidence of permanent damage to the spinal cord remains in the shape of

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animated by great enthusiasm and supported by merit ; but there is another

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