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cleanliness was undertaken, Havana has been unrivalled for the salubrity

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To Correspondents. — Several communications are on file, which will have

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JVei0 Magnetic Electrical Machine, — Dr. Charles G. Page, late of Sa-

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inflamed and filthy conditions of the oral cavity. Mr. Goadby by his re-

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tnonths ago, the following case occurred in our practice. A fennale in-

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operations that were there performed in the year 1719, observed, that

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pneumonia, and the Vidal reaction in typhoid will usually enable the

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fees have been sent him, and he is again invited to renew his attendance.

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2\ititors in ike Axillx producing JIftM;.— A woman, 21 years of age^

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Air act of incorporation having beea obtained from the General Asseaa*

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My hope, therefore, is, that some medical person will take up the

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on the acute disease, even when we were so fortunate as to prevent the

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The meujbranes of the brain were found tolerably healthy. But two

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elastic band fastened at both ends, and so slightly extended that no spring

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in ulceration and destruction of the nail, or it may remain as a chronic

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British Columbia has a climate with many advantages for invalids —

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be affected. The patient complains of loss of smell and of the taste of

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and finger nails. Symptoms of a similar character have been observed

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before them, nearly all the time they were swinging ; while one or two

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pbate, carbonate and muriate of lime, sulphate of magaesia."

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roent of the limb. Was it connected in any way toith the state of tk

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ing three courses of his own medicine. — Smallpox has appeared in the

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Tuberculous disease in the abdomen is greatly characterized by three

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called forth the admiration of the faculty in that neighborhood. It was

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health. When this Instrument is carefullv and properly fitted to the form of the patient. It inva-

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The urine is of a dark yellow colour, and, on the addition of sodium hydrate,

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furnished with hair and the cutaneous appendages met with in the normal

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capable of producing much mischief; its abuse is as formidable a cause

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separate columns, and on the left hand of the table the list of patients.

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such a solution of salt, and be allowed to dry, before it is used.

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vesicles and in the vesicles themselves. In the former proliferation of the

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