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be the result of the former affection. They are three distinct diseases, and,
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most common cause of appendicitis. This is the bacterium coli commune
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(6) Unilateral abductor pais}'. Voice and cough scarcely affected.
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tricity in the treatment of amenorrhoea, and considered it by far the most effi-
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quantity, or indeed for other reasons that may seem to be of convenience
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groins, and feet, in a patient who had been taking iodide of potas-
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Jelil; — that peifeet laHnutabflity that exelndes
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(2, Fig. 2). 7, The slit (3, Fig. 2). the same reason that we often meet with
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ounces of pus were withdrawn through the sixth intercostal space, and a week
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being more commonly observed in the arms, while the legs may be
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bacilli. Clinically, too, it was not diphtheria, for out of 123 cases seen
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With reference to the case of inversion of the uterus, reported by Dr. Blake,
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finding their way up the urinary tract. Especially was this the case when
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tributed on the upper half of the septum, the superior turbinated bones,
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both catarrhal and purulent, have been frequently reported in the last
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than in its normal condition, has gradually sunk lower and lower in the pelvis,
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whom fell over unconscious and were brought to the hospital in the
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Case I. A gentleman had fallen from his horse twenty-seven years
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fore death resembling coagulated blood. The urine was of a very dark color.
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to discuss plans for their new basement. They are, kneeling, left to right: Royal, Brown, Nelson,

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