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the time of the operation, none of these little cysts may be included in

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etherization and a second reduction was accomplished, and a weight with a

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ments and cases under circumstances more favorable for forming a cor-

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after acid fruits and whatever tastes acid in the slightest degree. The writer

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terior crico -arytenoid muscles in a case of; trache-

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of John Hilton and his colleague's biography of Edward Cock. There is

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the brain are always a source of danger, and often result in fatal menin-

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proceeded from the villages, yet I believe the balance to be largely in

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yHiii dtrc^tiOtt* dr iliviite wf)»dom 7 A spirit vtst^

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years ago. In these the pain was not of the character observed by Dr. Lyman,

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course of the disease, and in these cases, where the poison has had full


giving to Moses less and to the early Greeks and Romans more credit than

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rales of edema becoming fewer and drier. If the patient objects to vene-

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plication three or four times a day produces no smarting and but

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immediate effect of the shock has passed off, and then to do a lami-

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cranial mischief, the diagnosis may be confirmed by the presence of

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dent who desires to become acquainted with Dr. Piffard's views, or to keep in

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CASE I. A. M. W., aet. 23, married, nullipara, consulted me on the

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Next comes up to my mind's eye a very earnest business man from New

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The contraction of the pupils under the influence of light is a reflex

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bladder into the wound. This is the incision I have invariably used in

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old, all living, has not been pregnant since the birth of the last child ; is

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colleges, and graduates in pharmacy and dentistry from colleges requiring a

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the stem. I ^n-eatly feared that cicatrization at this point would ai^ain close

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eral way keeps pace with the severity of other symptoms.

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Hospital Inhaler. — Dk. H. W. Williams showed an inhaler which was

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passed for several hours. At the end of that time a perfectly distinct

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of consumption, especially when it is hereditary and therefore more carefully

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heart was also affected. Although the gross appearances of the muscle

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of the tongue are supplied exclusively from the hypoglossal nucleus, while

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answer to the requisition. It contains a clear exposition of his views re-

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iety, with disregard of all hygienic rules so far as concerns eating.

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noted it appeared that the temperature, with a few unimportant exceptions,

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treatment diarrhuca and tenderness have diminished, and patients have made

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wide, as in the reptiles, at a later period becomes longer, yet lies upon

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fifteen grains, with enough coca butter to make it up. One to be used

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also upon rotation and llexion of the left thigh, which lay with the foot (averted

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