Saw Palmetto 45% Extract

name Paraplegia dolorosa, given to the cases of malignant disease of

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purifies it, and the simple application of an antiseptic to the wound falls

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Chronic Articular Rheumatism. — In one case the rheumatism, which was

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Under ether the various lobules were removed with an ecraseur. No at-

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During the severe vomiting and violent hiccoughing I fear some stitch in

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lying dormant, and remembering this, and having, as I thought, a case on

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am about to describe. The house is a new brick structure on the lower

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of painless whitlows and other trophic disturbances of the skin, and

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After the election of olHcers for the ensuing year, the following paper vva8

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Now, as iritis is by no means a simple disease which comes and goes

saw palmetto 45% extract

Fat and Blood, and How to Mak.e Them. By S. Weir Mitchell, M. D. Philadelphia :

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fracture was used. The leg was kept on the splint or in the apparatus

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That the functions of such an authority are of sufficient importance to

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general treasurer, Dr. H. Pepler ; auditor, Dr. Allen Baines. A very success-

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gion, causation, etc., may be thought to be based on a comparatively small

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the pulmonary tissue was in any way condensed and the respiratory

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{(l) Trauma may lead to compression in one or other of the follow-

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Urbantschitsch,^ who has also tried this remedy, has seen beneficial

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Similar experiments with the glass tube in cases of pleurisy and pneu-

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trigue with Alice Rhodes, the sister of his brother Patrick's wife. These two

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cylic cotton dressing was replaced by a regular Lister dressing. Dressed again

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in the lip which they first reach, but that the triangulares which strike

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this arrangement is much the pleasanter of the two for the nurses ; the ward-

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aried office. Dr. Page having resigned, a suitable vacancy occurred. The

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With reference to the case of inversion of the uterus, reported by Dr. Blake,

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medulla, giving rise to bulbar symptonLS, this never occurs in hyper-

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healthy florid granulations. Instead of a large exfoliation of bone, which

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There were found in the cord two firmly tied knots, one near the placental and the other

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