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tient. On the other hand, its extension into the bronchi and smaller

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the plaintiff's pretences to be his own property. He owned engaging

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ophthalmology. However, as the author says in his preface,

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with symptoms of bronchitis, ending in many cases with actual signs

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called locomotor ataxia, is the most noted of these affections. At

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knowledge as inspector ? — Yes, the system might exist, but I

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ditfereuc comp'exion on the matter. It would appear that on previous

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uniformity in the degree of the blood-heat in man, however different

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faults in development, because such cjrstic kidneys are found to precede

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district councils, and by a statt' of inspectors see that the councils carry

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rage means of isolation, disinfection, and inspection, to limit

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mate tissues far exceeding that of any other ^'iscera in the body. If

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inspectors have been appointed, and all vesse's believed to be infected -

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■furnish the cottage with all necessaries, and to obtain nurses

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ganglion, which belongs to the third or sensory division of the tri-

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of their toxic origin, leave no traces in the brain. XJrem X P ea

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the popliteal space, or between the heads of the soleus in the calf;

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E. Abbott, Braintree ; Professor Clifford Allbutt, Cambridge; Miss M.

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faction whenever rapid anaesthesia of the deep-seated parts

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ficient anfBsthesia to remove foreign bodies, but sensation re-

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Clinical Society, " New Operation for Old Unreduced Dorsal

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organ. Occasionally, in elderly persons, there is gradual asthenia,

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that such a method should be adopted by these institutions

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Masses of tubercles may form actual tumors in the brain, usually

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air- vesicles. In infants, as already explained, the immediate results

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tiguity. Injuries to the spine have often been noted as the first link

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