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difficult labor, but that, if nature did not do the work, forceps would

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retained within it shall not escape and trickle over the wound. I also

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continue the spraying till a large tubeful has been used (one ounce) ; as

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as a rule, to operate immediately on a case in which there was a clear

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stated relitrlous observance of the Sabbath; he had written in its defense,

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been closed, and never can be. And why ? Not because his skill was

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they happen to be transplanted. Moreover, a simple laryngitis, occurring

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Ju!ie 15th. The body of the tumor was seized with strong, double hooks,

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(6.) The machinist, after repairing in the drying room a few hours a

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symptoms, and in addition great thirst and profuse sweating ; he also

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We seldom now waste time by aspirating as a preliminary measure

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aesthesia, but it subsequently becomes much more restricted. Such

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author of a work on surgery. He takes the chair receutly vacated hy Dr.

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Rigidity and active jerkings are more frequently met with in the lower

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in the day4)f his wrath.^ — ^"Iliougli he should equal

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urea, and improved the appetite. The maximum quantity of glycerine required

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ment of tlie prostate, is to make a rectal examination with the finger.

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waterin*^-j)laee on earth. Sprini^ Lake, Miehii^an, and several other [)oint8

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progressive paralysis, however, since it was found, though in a very

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the seat of a chair and raise himself on to it with but little more of a push

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countries. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of

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it should become requisite, in the more or less immediate future, to sup-

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system, and in what manner this is exerted, are subjects for further experi-

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could be felt easily, no crepitus could be detected. But a soft crepitus was

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of different families may not mix together. The courts are so arranged

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Boston Dispensary. — At the annual meeting of the corporation the following gentle-

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not well tolerated by the stomach when o;iven in the larcre doses re-

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is in another class, wherein there seems to be no blood poisoning and

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