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1 It has been shown experimentally that great heat is able to cause " cloudy swelling" of

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and 1871 he had also been appointed professor of surgery in the medical de-

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less broken up. In this case the blow was transferred directly to the

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case was one of puerperal convulsions ; the foetus was thought dead,

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fragment was detected by a probe and removed from between the dura

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found that the lesion had been entirely excised, that the wound was water-

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by paralysis or paresis of one or more of the external muscles. Such

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due to like alterations to those which produce senile degeneration, and

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that, as the tuberculous deposit may be limited to the pleura, and as,

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obliteration of the cavity are hindered for some reason or other, and these

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belief in the alleged connection between gout and eye disease, or betAveen

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which I was a member, as a delegate from Massachusetts. They were less

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mean time she had completely rallied, and save vomiting showed no

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(o.) This solution is to he orderc^d to infants under three years at half a

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cava; consequently the section of the aorta appears behind (or above) the

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Much more commonly does a lesion in this region give rise to palsy

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hours) of salicylic acid and its derivatives are required to produce re-

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differential diagnosis in many instances without a close examination in

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delivered normally in the absence of any physician, unless there may have

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through a fine mountain pass it is thirty miles. San Buenaventura is the busi-

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relief appears. An increase of the had symptoms ought on 7io account

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that announces boastfully in its prospectus that it has none. It now appears

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ble to distinguish from the natural. One fact he thought it useful to bear in

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with that of a recent graduate of one of our more progressive schools sorely

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rately described and traced through its various modifications by Prof. Calvin

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of the sulphate of strychnia introduced into the eye of a dog weighing

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the pleural cavity at the inception of inspiration.

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striking manner in cholera, is wanting. In the stage of impending pa-

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ordinary visual limits on his right hand or on his left. It follows that a

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