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changes wrought almost incredible. The use of the solid stick caustic is
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may also be required in less advanced cases. For example, in patients
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diaphragm by old adhesions. Stomach large and its walls thin. The coats
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with that of Dr. Lincoln. lie had met with some few instances of spinal dis-
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subject, which have all appeared within three years, may be mentioned the
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rightly or wrongly, with the idea that we, as general practitioners, do not
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removing the symptoms of disease. But oftentimes the return of winter,
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fected through the winter, at times appearing " not to know what he
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Department, Toronto General Hospital ; Surgeon, Victoria Hospital for Sick Children.
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her retentiveness during the earlier days of her sorrow."
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examined her more fully. The result of my examination I may sum up
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1877. Ever since she could remember she had been subject to a constant and
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Warren, J. Collins. Recent progress in surgery, 747.
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its ally, in acute diseases no unimj)ortant auxiliary. But chorea is a
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ties above mentioned in the larger portion of the tumor, and its relations
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eminences being covered by firm cushions, and the interosseous spaces
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graded instruction, which has undoubtedly given a new impulse to the cause of
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gentlemen who associated there. A constant effort was made to in-
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rose-water) because, although weaker solutions might equally well
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the removal of both ovaries, menstruation has continued the same as before,
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examination of the larynx. The lymphatic glands on the sides of the
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Fatal bleeding from tonsillotomy is practically unknown. But bleeding
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assisting to drain the marshes. More than one hundred thousand Euca-
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*Read before the Ontario Medical Association, June 6th.
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opening into the mouth cavity : the inner wall of this chamber lies upon
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march's ai)paratus causes paralysis of the arterial muscular tissue, either
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donald, Hamilton ; Dr. D. Clark, Toronto ; Dr. A. Worthington, Clinton ;
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The njimptoms of paralysis of this nerve are to be found in the altered
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From the results of experiments on animals, the writer believes that
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— The Louisville 3Iedical JSfeivs makes the following quotation from Dr.
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But the analogy is a false one. The chest walls are rigid to some extent,

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