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garding electricity, and he considered it to be a valuable therapeutical agent.

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fact that movements may be largely represented in parts the destruction of

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since when stupor, convulsions, and hemiplegia arise, after the case has

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ceived any odor of tobacco, but on account of the irritation and sneez-

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cricoid cartilage. The soft parts were peeled back from the cartilages

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in one case and slight in the other. Moreover, in Lamy's case the nerve

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produce too profound sleep, followed the next day by headache.

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one had not been stated. He had to sue for his bill, which was recovered.

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Philadelphia Dental College. Modest, kindly, and courteous, he has many

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inflammation of the left eye, of two weeks' standing. A year ago she

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city, faradism, or galvanism, according to the muscular reaction.

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three other cases improvement was observed after the third injection, but

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112; skin natural ; white fur on tongue ; pain in abdomen; frequent eructa-

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the members of our society for something to bring on her courses, as

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found pure cultures of a streptococcus. On April i8th a swelling on the

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and tenderness of the back may be prominent features, were commonly

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\ hieh ultimately contracts the boundaries in every direction. The cause

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Ann Arbor who resigned when the homccoputhic appointments were made.

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so much more speedily, that it is very much more convenient in the reduction of

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By American teachers. Edited by William Pepper, M.D., LL.D., Provost

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the first time after perforation had already taken place. Very often the

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are silent on cases of inflammation of the eye coming on during or

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A certain proportion is carried into the general circulation. The rubber

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duce disturbance of the digestion by irritation of the mucous membrane

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medicine was exceedingly full, and showed the activity of the association in this

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is a method suggested by Dr. E. W. Clark, of New York, who has run two

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atresia of one of the vaginal divisions or channels.

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patient who frequently indulged in morphine, and to whom on five

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nature of the disease, it is well known that in certain forms, at least, it is very

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adhesive plaster " (which is the poorest of all), but give the preference

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with some persistence of spastic paraplegia, wnth or without some dis-

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