Sominex Bestellen

liver, but this statement lacks confirmation on the part of

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advise such operators having the injections performed on

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a glass and the glass is suddenly jarred. If the pus comes

sominex bestellen

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absence of co-prostatis, fecal impaction of the colon or

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was customary to throw the ordure out of the windows

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chance of the bacilli being present in the mouth. All eating

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affected parts. The first application causes smarting and

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37 Enormous Gall-stones with Ovarian Cyst and Uterine Fibroid.

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Lectuues on Nasal Obstbuction. By A. Marmaduke Sheild,

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the sinus cavities, especially in' the inferior, anterior

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Every little while the newspapers contain accounts of

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The only remedy for these evils is a systematic, all-

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from the superintendency of the Western Kentucky Insane

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the rubber and cause a sheet of rubber to adhere to the skin.

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arthropathy," by Dr. R. C. Newton, Montclalr, N. J. ; "The Physio-

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To the BtUtor: — Will yon kindly give me Information as to, or

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