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this thin portion of skin, but plainly below it, in the substance of
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ferent regions, the anterior surface being arbitrarily valued 100.
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In this connection, we might remark that the illustrations with which the
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and that he liad been able to relieve this by doses of quinine and other anti-
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vitb a paraphrase on the book jf>f Job^ and ^Iso
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for the several objects of maintaining themselves, obtaining exercise and the
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would inevitably follow, should be accounted an offender against the laws
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— Du. Baker read a pai)er upon this subject which is reserved for publication.
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In the Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal iox December, 1893, we find
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alone or with a piece of butter or a crumb of bread, it never produces a
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eral miliary tuberculosis have been published, but very few of tubercu-
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toms, except a slii^lit liyperajsthesia of the riglit side of the face, of short
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Dr. SiKD.MAN said: Some months ago, in connection with specimens shown
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after tlie benefit which we hope to confer upon the patient, is rendered
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December 1st. Stiffness in the muscles of the lower jaw ; the mouth cannot
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(b) The posterior vago-glossopharyngeal nvcleus is the end-nucleus of some
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* Deutsche medicinisclie Wochenschrift, No. 43, 1876.

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