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twenty previous days, immediately ceased. Other similar cases are
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Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Toronto ; Obstetrician to
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use of the atomizer, the process of healing being, delayed by an attack of
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September 23rd, 1891, he had an attack of typhoid fever of unusual
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man. Waukesha is a small place, but has fliir hotel accommodations. The
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tion after the flushing process, and found that no symptoms of poisoning
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unexpected and mysterious. The brain had been overtasked, for the last
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retinal arteries in a man suffering from insufficiency of the aortic valves and
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cord ; they are rare in the cervical region, and when they do occur in the
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im])ortance to the derangements of the digestive organs.
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and chiasma ; the fossa itself containing the frontal lobe.
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$4,022.95. Comparing this with what was netted in the year ending June
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optic nerves -svere completely atrophied. There had been no brain
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be experienced in deciding the form of the afiection. The recognition
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the field thoroughly examined before proceeding further. This manoeuvre
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dition : He was very pale, flaccid, respiration easy, no puffing of the
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resolution expressing the opinion that the best interests of the Medical School
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spine ; but in cases of traumatic origin it will be found of most advantage
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on every ulcer and wen he could get at. His fame for " removing cancers "
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instances ; also separation of both epiphyses of the fibula. This last is some-
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stant current in opposition to Duchennc, the introducer and eliief advocate of
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must be made. In the first place with regard to non-transmissibility as
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Discussion. Dr. Campbell thought it a very excellent paper. For-
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in the feces, when there is no friction in the region of the gall bladder,
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which is tumour or enlargement of the pituitary body, is characterised by
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that none should enter medicine " without a willingness to trust to another
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plate). After examining carefully, I came to the conclusion that the case
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been a native midwife. The extra-uterine fetus then presented at one
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January, of Irish parentage, light complexion, good constitution, child-
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Contributions to the Therapeutics of Children's Diseases.^ — Professor
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or less accidental limitation of a morbid process to the meninges of the
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ing the ey(s in eyes ahnormally 8U8ceptil)k', though tlie presence of liglit may

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