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1897, Ixxxiv. p. 109. — 7. Joffroy. De la pachymeningite cervicale hypertrophique.

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iui: or lia\ in«j: acted on the teeth. It should be used several times a day from

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times having several separate buildings. In 1762 he did not lose a single man

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the mercurial treatment is interrupted, or as a therapeutic agent to be

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was used with great freedom during and after the operation, and the ut-

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as such by all oculists. It may be readily confounded with lupus corner.

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days in succession. There was no splenic tumor. The case was complicated

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New England Psychological Society, 163 ; of the Ob-

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nally been provided with a fold of peritonaeum constituting a true mesentery,

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If, now, we should treat syrups as if of specific gravity 1.000, and as-

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in gummatous formations of the meninges, which lead secondarily to

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ing the injurv he was absolutely unconscious. First day, he answered

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pain in the abdomen, and there was never any paralysis.

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when exposed to friction against the vaginal walls, as it is in these cases, may

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or muscular atrophy. The age of the patient influences prognosis, as

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three leeches to the temple, and encouraged after-bleeding. The pupil

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actiiifT at tlic saino tliiio as a tonic. It is an exccllcMit remedy in clironie

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187G. Since birth of child, many years ago, she has had uterine trouble ;

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process is carried to completion, absolute loss of function in each patch of

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IIV. Uihiiutnry liim^^i from the ^n tD the iieii^hbnrini; ^inciia.

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permost part of the future auricle ; here a slit remains as a trace of the

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and expenditure be submitted to the profession, but the accounts should

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The adoption of the metric system, then, would bring us into agree-

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718 The Boston Society for Medical Improvement. [Deceinbor 20,

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w^ere made also on the intestines. Here it was found that ordinary

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as well as others to be seen only "with the microscope. They are im-

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sequent consultation with Dr. Temple, the possibility of retained menses

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monia, and shake. If the amyl alcohol becomes decolorized, and the

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ing more apparent every day that the friends of a more thorough course of

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made to determine the action of antiseptics upon the cerebral tissue. It

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occiput comes into close contact with the nape of the neck ; and even

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physician and of danger to the patient. Glycerine and warm water, in

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minutes, and is renewed twice a day until the pain has disappeared. In

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