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union in most cases of transverse fracture of the patella.
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solution would be swept at once into the circulation, and would endanger
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Outside the skull these filjres enter the vagus, nerve-trunk through -which
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and for methodical work. Here, to a great extent, the character of the
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seven or eight years she had been troubled very much with " piles." Six
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etc., douche, tampon, and give ergot. — New York Journal of Gyntecology
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115 cases, of which 98 were of iritis, the rest of glaucoma, kerato-iritis, and so on.
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manifestations of syphilis and the spinal cord affection; for in some cases
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and tliree severe attacks of rheumatic fever between the ages of twenty-
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Case 3. Miss E., aet. twenty-four. Three years ago, while calling on a
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and somewhat barbarous treatment of the kyphosis due to caries by im-
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nurses. Feb recommends a i per cent, solution for disinfecting the hands,
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made a diet was ordered for both consisting of scraped beef, thin toast,
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have retained their vitality and may again be cultivated. The calculi
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Dr. Boxall, of London, in his lectures on antiseptics in midwifery,
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movement of the patient, such as turning round and sitting up.
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of morbid processes is less marked in the child than in the adult, and a
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light mulattoes and Japanese will be accepted ; also whether any discount is
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passed their evenings in the physician's family, and always appeared
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liam F. Hutchinson, one of the Foundation Fellows of the American Electro-
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distinctive character of the disease it is difficult to conceive that the
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movements ceased abruptly, and during her convalescence did not reappear at
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gard to the point of origin of the so-called bronchial respiration. Sub-
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volving the tissues for a relatively great distance from the region of
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intervertebral foramina, so as to involve the dura mater and bring about
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cranial mischief, the diagnosis may be confirmed by the presence of
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these fifty-seven, or 17.5 per cent., showed during youth normal disposition
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If future experience should prove that catgut does not act as a foreign body
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ing wholly above the level of the ground as it now stands on that side, was
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showed the centres to consist of tissues in process of fiitty degeneration.
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ing to the typhoid " pea-soup " motion of the adult) in three cases only ;
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acid. From this date the case progressed with but little variation to
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that of a pea, becoming confluent and forming bullae. They contained

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