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walls of the vessels produce a decided slowing of the arterial current,

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liquid motions each day. Early in January, 1893, severe abdominal pain

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syphilitic gummata, solitary tubercular masses, myxomata, sarcomata,

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dog population, a case of hydrophobia has never been known. In Greenland,

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Let us begin at the North. A Massachusetts man, of more than the

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advanced cases of bulbar palsy to find this nucleus completely atrophied.

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retention cysts of the vaginal glands. This opinion had been ])reviously

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relatives or friends ; now and then perhaps the minister of the parish furnishes

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the sj)inous processes outward. He was confined to his bed ; had no

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serous fluid, except in those cases where they are clotted or mixed with

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from the intestines, it was supposed to have discharged its contents into

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any artery that has been tied with catgut under the antiseptic treatment

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Case i. Colored boy, aet. ten years. Swollen and painful abdomen

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of in which this condition came on during diphtheria, and, moreover, the only

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1877.] Recent Progress in Genito-Urinary Surgery. 621

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fragment being broken in two pieces. A temporary splint was })ut on

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eral sense, though at a hnttible distance ; not a»

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The last alleged distinctive feature of crouj), or pseudo-membranous

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much better, having gained 11 J^ pounds in weight. — Tke American Jour-

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Opiatine " contains only salts of morphia and codeia in unvarying

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much relieved, and by this remedy an outbreak can be prevented.

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Saunders' Question Compends. Essentials of Practice and Pharmacy.

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following artificial embolism of the stomach are not found in the pyloric

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she resumed active habits, and continued in tolerable health till the be-

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ary tuberculosis; (2) miliary tuberculosis of the lungs; (3) caseous tuber-

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A powerful uterine constriction was discovered. The ether, under the moder-

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cheerful. In the middle of the day, in January and February, the thermom-

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eral cases seen it given continuously in large doses without purging, and

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gently dried in its most dependent parts by means of gauze sponges, and

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morphine accelerates respiratory movements succeeded by a period of

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