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in labor with her first child. Examination showed the os three quarters di-

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sian Physicians called attention to the value of palpitation of the ileum

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cure was effected by its energetic use, but occasionally he observed

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after marriage her husband visited California, whence he returned with

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Urine, Incontinence of, Gersuny's Operation for 530

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" eng." Bilateral palsy may exist in all degrees, from the complete form

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They propose the following subjects for the year 1878: —

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M. Calvet^ presents (1) a physiological research of the action of

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water, followed by a one-tenth per cent, solution of nitrate of silver. The head

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attempts made to cultivate an organism from tissue taken from a case of

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quinine proved especially useful in late stages of typhoid, with tremor,

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sons, of Portsmouth, and G. W. Carter, of Concord, were elected by seventeen

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succeeded in returning a prolapsed cord in the manner detailed by Dr. Minot at

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and progressing irregularly ; chronic, and in the highest degree refract-

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though (juite une{iually. The book is doubtless a fair sketch of the instruc-

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illustrates the effect of lead on the nervous system. Dr. Hollis says

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} Mr. Symington, who waSj at the time of publication of his work, lecturer on anatomy in the

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Peters, M. D. New York : Printed for the Society by William Wood & Co. 1877.

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and said her " knee felt all right," and not long after, with a little help, she

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come down to us from the grandest and noblest of physicians through all

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to bed for some weeks. I found the cervix badly torn, and a condition

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have them always at hand, so that the student may have the advantage of

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healed, preserving the rent. You should make it an inflexible rule after

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During his absence from the city he felt well and looked well up to

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